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‘Chaitanya’ is an online platform for emotional and psychological well-being. At Chaitanya, we offer comprehensive online counselling and therapy, provide valuable information on psychological wellness, and work with organisations to meet similar goals. We offer one-on-one sessions via phone, video consultation, and in our mental health centres with our expert team of counsellors, psychologists, cognitive-behaviour and rational-emotive behaviour therapists, and psychiatrists.

The Chaitanya website is open to all users. Those who wish to avail of the informative reads to understand behavioural wellness do not need to register with us. Some sections of the website that involve asking our experts questions, undertaking behavioural assessments or booking a session for counselling or therapy however, require registration. Hence, you would need to sign up with us to access the same

As a growing team of committed and dedicated professionals, we appreciate the experience and skills that every individual can contribute to our endeavour. If you’re a psychological health professional, tech graduate, digital marketer, or operations geek; we would love to understand your experience, special interests, current affiliations; and the flexibility you may desire in your commitment to be part of our team. We offer technical, logistic and practice support to all our team members