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Find specialised mental health care for your child

Helping you and your child navigate through developmental, emotional, or mental health challenges with safe, ethical and nurturing care.

Your Child's Mental Health Requires Specialised Care

50 million

children in India suffered from mental health disorders in 2019

1 in 7

adolescents experience mental health concerns

1 in 8

Indian children aged 2–9 might have a neurodevelopmental disorder

Chaitanya Centre For Counselling

is committed to providing the best quality mental healthcare to children and young adults by integrating emotional, psychological, behavioural, and environmental elements in care.

Our Services

We offer a range of services for children and young people up to the age of 25.


Mental Health Services

A range of sensitively crafted therapies for children and youth facing mental health challenges along with their families and caregivers.


When might your child benefit from Mental Health Services?


Psychiatric Care

Expert psychiatric support and intervention for children and young adults facing complex mental health concerns which may require clinical assistance.


When might your child benefit from Psychiatric Care?


Developmental Programmes

An integrated, tailored approach to cater to the developmental needs of children in their early years while supporting their families.


When might your child benefit from Developmental Services?


Neurodiversity Hub

A wide range of standardised cognitive, psychoeducational, and neurodevelopmental assessments to aid treatment, learning and growth.


Recommended for children who

These assessments can be booked separately, or be recommended as a part of your child’s care plan.

For the last 14 years, we have been able to extend thoughtful care to over 1,000 children, adolescents, families and their networks.

How Do We Begin?

Initial Consultation

When you reach out to us, we schedule a primary consultation with our psychologists/psychiatrists to understand your child’s concerns and needs.


Based on our interactions with you, we will carry out relevant and comprehensive assessments to enable the best possible care for your child.

Intervention and Support

Once we chalk out a care plan for your child, you can instantly book online and in-person psychiatry and therapy sessions as recommended by our team.

Reach out to us today

Our intake process makes sure that the needs of your child are acknowledged and given due consideration before a care plan is advised.

You may call us directly at the number shared below, or fill the form on the below. Once you fill the form, our admin team will get back to you within 24–48 hours and direct you to the right intake professional based on your needs.